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Version 1.0 final - What's next?

Note: version 1.0.3 fixes an issue where duplicate arenas were added. This is now solved. Per suggestion, I also added 'Average wins' as an arena stat.

I am very happy to announce version 1.0 final of Hearthstone Tracker!

There have not been any major changes since 0.7 (just a few bugfixes and some tweaks to win/loss detection). This is the final release before I start working on some major new features.

From now, only minor new features and/or bugfixes will be added to the 1.0 version. This will make sure no new bugs will arise due to big changes.

What's next?

I have already started working on some major new features for version 2.0 and the upcoming website integration.

As soon as I have a beta available, I will make it available as a seperate download. You will be able to choose one of them and the auto-updater will only download updates for the version you are currently using.

Here are (some) of the upcoming features you can expect in the 2.0 beta releases:

  • Integration with Twitter and facebook. You will be able to post your game/arena results to twitter and facebook from within the tracker (automatically or using a button).
  • Integration with Twitch.TV valuebot. For streamers who are using 'valuebot', we are working to integrate these two fantastic tools.
  • Managing decks: rename your decks, add comments, save / record screenshots of your decklist. You will be able to go back in time and see what deck you used per game.
  • Online profiles, statistics and live feed of your games. This is going to be a big one. I am working on a website tightly integrated with the tracker. You will be able to submit your games, see (even more) statistics and connect with other players. It will also allow you to see who is currently playing and their stats as a live feed / timeline (only when enabled of-course).

You will probably see a bit less updates on the website while I am working on the upcoming changes and website. You can still report any issues you have with the current version, as I will be fixing them as soon as possible of-course.


Version 0.7.9 - Arena rewards

  • Added a context menu to the tray-icon.
  • You can edit the amount of Gold, Dust and Packs you earned in arena.
  • It also shows the total amount of gold/dust/packs.
  • You can keep notes for arenas now as well.


Version 0.7 - Overall, much better :-)

  • Fixed issues with missing / wrong stats on the statistics page.
  • Games and arenas are now sortable!. A much requested feature.
  • Some user interface improvements to make it look and work better overall.

This is will be one the last release before version 1.0, so please report any issues you can find.

Note: If you had any issues with full-screen detection, version 0.7.3 should fix this! Note: Oops, I accidentally introduced a bug which made the app crash on startup, version 0.7.4 should work.

Version 0.6.9 - UI updates

  • I reworked the statistics page a bit
  • Made some overall adjustments to the user interface to make it feel more responsive.
  • Added three buttons to quickly filter on 'all', 'this year' and 'this month'.

I'm currently working on the (web) API as well. Which allows integration with services like: Twitter, Twitch.tv Valuebot and of-course our own stats / profile site when it's done.

More information on that soon.

Let me know what you think!

Version 0.6 - Awesome stats added!!!

I will let these images speak for them-self:


Version 0.5 released

You can manually add new arena's now.


Version 0.4.8 released

A minor bugfix release. Fixing some issues with arena tracking / userinterface.


Version 0.4.1 released

I have just pushed version 0.4.1 with the following changes:

Tweaked win detection a bit. Hopefully this results in less missed win detection's (let me know!)

  • Added an option to start with windows
  • Added option to start minimized (starting with windows will always start minimized)
  • Reduced load on the cpu when Hearthstone is not running (so when starting with windows it doesn't eat your cpu)
  • Fixed a bug where your deck isn't saved on the first tracked game.


Version 0.3.16, bug fixes

Some bug fixes, minor user interface enhancements. A few more stats and totals added.

Version 0.3.11, more stats!

0.3.11 adds more stats. You can see some stats for arena's now (0-6 / 7 / 12 winrates). And it shows a few stats for filtered games/arena's. (Like number of games and total play time).

Version 0.3.8, faster startup and minor bug fixes

Just pushed version 0.3.8. Fixing some minor user interface bugs and performance improvements. It should start up a lot faster too now.

Version 0.3 beta release!

We have been working hard with a few tester to work out some important bugs. Those have been resolved now!

For this release I added a small new feature: minimize to tray. Don't let Hearthstone Tracker clutter up your taskbar, just minimize it and start playing some games!

I also revised to installer/uninstaller a bit to add some additional unninstall information and an icon.

This release is very stable and to let people know it is, I have decided to mark version 0.3 as the first beta release.

Version 0.2.22 is pretty stable!

Just so you know ;-)

Quick update, read please!

I found a small bug in the installer / updating process.

Due to a small oversight, it created a shortcut starting in one of the subdirectories. Resulting in a flawed update processs.
If you previously used the installer to install HearthstoneTracker, please uninstall and re-install the latest version.

Remember, this is still alpha :-) Bugs like this happen. Sorry about that.

Version 0.2 released!

Hey there!

I will first explain a bit about the version scheme we use. So you know what's happening behind the scenes.
A version is formatted as <major>.<minor>.<build>.<revision>.

Defines a major new release. We will be using '0' for the alpha/beta state.
Defines a minor new release. We will be using this when (big) new features are added.
Defines a small- and/or bug release. You will see this increasing mostly.
This is an internal number, you can safely ignore this.

So, we have released version 0.2. What does this mean?

This means we have added a big new feature! Text file generation. The following screenshot says it all:
OBS text file generation

Why is this useful? Streamers can add these text files to their streaming using OBS for example.
The text files are automatically updated when any of the used variables change. (Like arena wins/losses, winrates, etc.)

And YES I KNOW, the screenshot has a typo :D

Click here to download the latest version.

January 20 - Updated the updater :-)

So there was a little problem with the auto updater. It's fixed now, but you need to manually re-install. Sorry about that.

Download the installer or the .zip package and overwrite your old installation.

January 19 - Alpha released to public!

Current version (as of this writing) is 0.1.51. Visit the Download page for more information.

You! decide on what I'm going to work on next. Contact me on the stream / twitter / UserVoice if you have a cool idea and/or feedback.

Still looking for testers.

Current version is 0.1.35. New test builds are released daily. If you're interested in testing? Please contact me.

Latest fixes include some improvements to the DirectX engine, we have an installer again and other (small) bug fixes.

You! decide on what I'm going to work on next. Contact me on the stream / twitter / UserVoice if you have a cool idea and/or feedback.

Quick update.

So the first tester already reported a breaking issue. There is an issue with the 'ClickOnce' installer. For now, you can download the (updated) .zip package and unzip it somewhere to a new folder on your drive.
We will have a proper installer / uninstaller for the beta version.

Alpha version going to testers!

I'll be sending an alpha version to selected testers. Still interested in testing and providing feedback? Send me a pm on twitch or reply to the reddit thread.

Capture full-screen !

This is one of the main things I really wanted to support and I finally have it working! I struggled with some DirectX issues and a very nasty memory leak, but after a few hours of debugging and a lot of coffee I finally managed to capture full-screen! YEAH!

Oh, and I also updated the website a bit.

Looking for alpha/beta testers

Core application functionality is almost done. The tracking engine can track all game modes. Game results (including arena sessions) are shown in the UI and can be filtered. Also, some basic statistics are calculated.

Before releasing a public beta version. I am looking for a few people who are willing to test the application and provide valueable feedback to solve any glitches and/or bugs.

When beta testing, extensive log files are generated and saved to the games log directory. When encountering any bugs / issues, you will be asked to upload these log files, any screenshots and a description of how/what happened exactly.

Website live

Basic website is online!

Due to much interest I decided to put up a simple website with some basic info and the live stream. If you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions, come talk to me on the stream.

Live coding stream

Watch live coding sessions of HearthStoneTracker!

You can ask questions, report bugs, give comments and or feature suggestions. I will answer everyone in chat and respond to every pm (if you're not trolling of-course).

Visit the stream here