Download instructions:

There are two available installation methods:

  • HearthstoneTracker-Setup.exe: Installs in "Program Files" and creates the usual shortcuts. Recommended method.
  • .zip package: If you don't like installers, you can get a .zip package from here. Make sure to grab the latest!

Leave any feedback you have! General comments, issues, bugs, ideas. You can visit the stream when I'm online or leave your feedback using the UserVoice widget on top.

Version information:
We use the following version scheme. So you know what's happening behind the scenes.
A version is formatted as <major>.<minor>.<build>.<revision>.

Defines a major new release. We will be using '0' for the alpha/beta state.
Defines a minor new release. We will be using this when (big) new features are added.
Defines a small- and/or bug release. You will see this increasing mostly.
This is an internal number, you can safely ignore this.